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Crew Health Life Style
Be fit be happy - for Cabin Crew

“One year from now, you would like to have started today ... “


We are flyers. We all know how hard is to get the courage to start to adapt our routine between our rosters, our wellness and our desire to sleep 16 hours after a flight.


However you will never regret to start today. Day by day you will see the results not only on your level of energy increasing, but also on body and your skin improving.

And if you follow this tips you will see how smooth it can be.



First things first – Food;


The beginning of a healthier life start from what you eat and drink.


Avoid eating the food given on the aircraft.


The food onboard is full of chemicals, fat and sodium on high levels. For the passengers that rarely fly, is good and full of flavors.


For the crew, it is an incredible amount of empty calories inside your blood.


Maybe you don’t get fat, like majority of us would do. But you might get high bloody pressure and diabetes after few years. This will cost not only your wellness but your job too.


You will have 9 or 10 flights per month. This is the time to reeducate the way you eat. Allow yourself to eat freely during your days off.



1-    Get yourself a visit to the nutritionist;

Make sure you will explain that you don’t have a routine, like other people. They will select the best food you can get according to what you need, regarding your body type.


2-    Place the allowed food  list given by the doctor on your fridge;

This will get yourself to remember that you changing habits, every time you get around there.


3-    Make your own easy food to take on board;

You can make food for 30 days in one day off. You can use small Tupperware. Take it to the fridge and put it down one day before the flight. If you think it’s going to be a long way to aircraft fridge this time, take a frozen one.


There is a Menu example for a long lay over. 



White fish with sweet potato 



Cucumber salad and feta cheese 



Yogurt with Chia seeds and coconut flakes. 


And as substitute of bread, that is easy and you can fold on top of your pots, you can use Tapioca. 


Enjoy your flights.