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About Us
Havkar : Aviation Social Network


    HavKar.com is a global provider of Aerospace & Aviation jobs specialists resourcing solutions for Airlines, Airtaxi Operators, Business Aviation, MRO providers, Ground Handling Companies, Training Centers and other industry players. We exclusively serve the aviation industry worldwide through our web services at HavKar.com.The company has database of flight crew members, aircraft engineers and other aviation specialists aimed at meeting short and long term HR needs of the global aviation industry.


    HavKar.com team provides comprehensive support to both companies and professionals in mutually beneficial business relations in the shortest time and the most effective way possible.


In case of following conditions:

     - Air company's Start-Ups

     - Seasonal Changes and Heightened Seasonal Demand

     - Operational Expansion

     - General Business Restructure


    HavKar.com has already earned recognition among lots of aviation specialists from all over the world and currently manages a data base of Pilots, Engineers, Flight Attendants, Flight Dispatchers, Executive Management Personnel and other specialists, certified for various aircraft types. If you are an aviation professional looking for new and better employment opportunities, then don’t hesitate a moment longer and register with HavKar.com now!


Contact us:

E-mail: support[at]havkar.com