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Mechanisms in the Chain of Safety: Research and Operational Experiences in Aviation Psychology
by Teresa C. D'Oliveira (Author), Teresa C D'Oliveira (Editor), Alex de Voogt (Editor)
Research and Operational Experiences in Aviation Psychology
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How should we organize our selection or training procedures?

In what way can a flight crew mediate problems?

How are we to understand reported errors?

Mechanisms in the Chain of Safety presents recent findings in aviation psychology, bringing fresh insights to such questions.

Aviation psychologists study personnel selection and training; they evaluate the management of flight operations, and ultimately they analyse the things that went wrong.

The strong interrelation between these components allows us to talk about a chain of safety.

This volume appraises this chain of safety by considering the mechanisms that determine its effectiveness - input mechanisms, coping mechanisms and control mechanisms.

Each contribution discusses a component of the chain while the book as a whole emphasizes and illustrates that understanding the connections between these parts is essential for the future.

By addressing these issues the book leads to further considerations such as how mistakes are linked to training and how coping mechanisms should help us to understand errors and accidents.

Mechanisms in the Chain of Safety will appeal to aviation professionals (human factors experts, safety managers, pilots, ATCOs, air navigation service providers, etc.) and academics, researchers, graduates and postgraduates in human factors and psychology.

Although primarily written for the aviation industry, this book will also be of interest to other high-risk dynamic activities that face similar challenges: the need to present effective and safe outcomes to the public in general and the stakeholders in particular.